A-BAR Bullride

A-Bar has stood the test of time when it comes to professional bull riding. They have been providing quality family entertainment to crowds of all ages!

Pat & Mary’s rodeo roots dig deep into their family history as Pat used to ride bulls and broncs before becoming involved with producing and contracting rodeos and bull riding events over ten years ago.

Mary also plays perhaps a more important roll as the official secretary, who pays off the top contestants at each event.

The bulls, Socks, Smurf and Okeechobee, are all part of the family, set up a show and watch them to do their thing!

A-Bar offers sanctioned or non-sanctioned, professional bull riding events for fairs, charity fundraisers, or for the heck of it!

Building a solid show is what A-Bar Productions has the experience to do. With top rodeo rough stock, the quality of contestants follow. A-Bar is able to attract the type of cowboys and cowgirls that your crowd will enjoy watching. Not only that, but the Ayers family will hire some of the country’s best acts and personnel that will keep the show running smoothly.

A-Bar has the personnel to make your show work. They have world champion rodeo clowns like Bobby Cox and Ryan Rodriguez. World champion announcer Ronnie Lee Osterholt has been able to bring his talents along with concert sound to almost any grandstand or arena.